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Family Species Common name (if available) Photos (if available)
Amphipterygidae Devadatta argyoides
Malayan Grisette
Calopterygidae Neurobasis chinensis
Green Metalwing no photo
Calopterygidae Vestalis amethystina
Common Flashwing
Calopterygidae Vestalis amoena
Charming Flashwing no photo
Chlorocyphidae Libellago aurantiaca
Males are smaller (hindwing 16 mm) and with bright red abdomen
Fiery Gem
Chlorocyphidae Libellago hyalina
Clearwing Gem
Chlorocyphidae Libellago lineata
First recorded on 23-9-1992 by by Dr Naoto Yokoi.
Golden Gem no photo
Chlorocyphidae Libellago stigmatizans
Orange-faced Gem no photo
Coenagrionidae Aciagrion hisopa
Blue Slim no photo
Coenagrionidae Agriocnemis femina
Tiny damselfly (male hindwing 10 mm). A confusing species because of colour changes with maturity. T...
Variable wisp
Coenagrionidae Agriocnemis nana
Dwarf Wisp
Coenagrionidae Agriocnemis pygmaea
Wandering Wisp no photo
Coenagrionidae Amphicnemis bebar
no photo
Coenagrionidae Amphicnemis gracilis
Coenagrionidae Archibasis melanocyana
Blue-nosed Sprite
Coenagrionidae Archibasis rebeccae
Rebecca's Sprite no photo
Coenagrionidae Archibasis viola
Male hindwing 23 mm, Male and female with markings distinct violet blue
Violet Sprite
Coenagrionidae Argiocnemis rubescens
Male hindwing 17 mm. Moderately robust build wiith wingtips pointed. In immature specimens of both s...
Variable Sprite
Coenagrionidae Ceriagrion cerinorubellum
Male hindwing 17 mm. A rather beautiful insect with a pale bluish-green head and thorax grading to o...
Ornate Coraltail
Coenagrionidae Ceriagrion chaoi
Fiery Coraltail
Coenagrionidae Ischnura senegalensis
Hindwing 16 mm. The green sides of the thorax are prominent. Females occur in several colour forms, ...
Common Bluetail
Coenagrionidae Mortonagrion arthuri
Arthur's Midget no photo
Coenagrionidae Mortonagrion falcatum
Hooked Midget
Coenagrionidae Onychargia atrocyana
Stout build and unusually short abdomen. Long legs
Coenagrionidae Pericnemis stictica
Coenagrionidae Pseudagrion australasiae
Look-alike Sprite
Coenagrionidae Pseudagrion microcephalum
Male hindwing 18 mm. The male is black with bright blue bands. The female is light brown with obscur...
Blue Sprite
Coenagrionidae Pseudagrion pruinosum
Grey Sprite
Coenagrionidae Pseudagrion rubriceps
Orange-faced Sprite
Coenagrionidae Teinobasis cryptica
no photo
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