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Threats to the dragonflies of Singapore
The biggest threat to the dragonflies of Singapore comes from loss and degradation of habitat. While changes in land management and urban/industrial development can often destroy an aquatic habitat totally, the degradation of aquatic habitat caused by irresponsible behaviour of human visitors, such as littering, can seriously endanger the survival of dragonfly species. Discarded batteries and insect-repellant cans have been seen in forest streams in our nature reserves, in addition to many other types of litter. In the ponds of many neigbourhood parks, littering by visitors is a very common behaviour observed. In June 2010, after a period of dry weather, the water level of one of the ponds in Bishan Park dropped significantly. This revealed the amount and variety of rubbish the visitors had been throwing into the ponds. There was even a discarded foldable table!

Photos showing rubbish exposed in a pond in Bishan Park when its water level drops
Photos showing some park visitors' undesirable behaviour
Photos showing what people leave behind in parks and streams

It is a shame that while the the citizens of some East and South-east Asia cities (e.g. Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul) are actively involved in garbage reduction and recycling, the Singaporeans are still being taught to place their litter in the bin (e.g. Just Bin It Campaign).

A joint collaboration between PUB and NParks, ABC Waters@Kallang River-Bishan Park, will see the conversion of the concrete canal in Bishan Park into a natural meandering river, creating more aquatic habitats for dragonflies and other creatures. The government bodies concerned must really look into how these habitats should be protected from irresponsible behaviour of the visitors.

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